1. Answer the survey of authors and participants

2. Best Paper Award

Yiming Qian, Hao Yuan and Minglun Gong
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Budget-Driven Big Data Classification

Best paper award committee
Holder Hoos, UBC
Sheila McIlraith, Toronto
Sandra Zilles, Regina
chaired by Nathalie Japcowicz, Ottawa

3.  PhD Winner: Yaoliang Yu
Thesis title: Fast Gradient Algorithms for Structured Sparsity
Supervisor: Dale Schuurmans and Csaba Szepesvari,
University: Alberta

PhD selection committee 2015
Vlado Keselj, vlado@cs.dal.ca
Bob Mercer, mercer@csd.uwo.ca
Philippe Langlais, felipe@IRO.UMontreal.ca
Leila Kosseim, kosseim@encs.concordia.ca
Doina Precup <dprecup@cs.mcgill.ca> (conflict)

4. MSc Winner: William Leif Hamilton
Thesis title: Compressed Predictive State Representation: An Efficient Moment-Method for Sequence Prediction and Sequential Decision-Making
Supervisor: Joelle Pineau
University: McGill

MSc committee 2015
Yllias Chali, Uof Lethbirdge, chali@cs.uregina.ca
Michael Horsch horsch@cs.usask.ca
Fatiha Sadat, UQAM, Montreal, sadat.fatiha@uqam.ca
Zahia Guessoum zahia.guessoum@gmail.com
Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI), France
Laurent Perrussel University of Toulouse 1 Capitole, France

Both theses will be available here: Theses in AI

Welcome to AI 2015

The 28th Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence will take place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, June 2-5, 2015. AI 2015 will include a technical program consisting of presentations of research papers, invited keynote speakers, and tutorials describing the state-of-the-art in artificial intelligence.

A Graduate Student Symposium will occur on the first day of the conference. AI 2015 invites papers that present original work in all areas of Artificial Intelligence, either theoretical or applied.

The conference proceedings will be published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence series.  Expanded versions of selected papers representing significant and mature work will be invited to a special issue of Computational Intelligence.

New for 2015: Canadian AI 2015 will adopt a double-blind review process; also, authors of accepted papers may opt-out of the conference proceedings and still present their work at the conference. Details in the Call For Papers.

AI 2015 is part of the 2015 AI/GI/CRV Conference, a confederation of three leading conferences: Artificial Intelligence 2015, Graphics Interface 2015, and Computer and Robot Vision 2015. A single registration will let you attend any session in the three conferences, which will be scheduled in parallel tracks

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